Meredith Manor International Equestrian Centre

(Meredith Manor) is located in Waverly, West Virginia. Meredith Manor was founded in 1963 by Ronald Meredith and is accredited as a continuing education institution. The school is one of the oldest equine education programs and enjoys a national and international reputation. Meredith Manor considers its programs to be among the most-copied in the United States.

Meredith Manor is not a college or university; it is an INTENSIVE, hands-on training program for people who primarily want to be in the equine business of riding and instruction of riders. Students may enter the Riding Master Program (completed in either 36 or 72 weeks), the Equine Science Master Program (completed in 36 weeks with emphasis on the Management of Facilities), or the Farrier Course (12 weeks). There are combinations within these programs. These programs are Certification-based.

ADDITIONAL DEGREE PROGRAMS: Only current students or graduates of Meredith Manor may transfer credits and receive an A.A.S. or a Regents Bachelor of Arts Degree from West Virginia University-Parkersburg.

The course work is centered around a schedule that is basically in effect from 6am-7:30pm, including classroom instruction and riding programs. Students receive some week-end breaks, but will be responsible for the barns at least one week-end per month. The website contains complete descriptions of the courses including work and course objectives.

NOTE: These course outlines should be reviewed by anyone interested in operating their own stable and providing lessons. The course work builds from one level to another and is thoughtfully laid out. Studying and reviewing these courses and plans will provide defintion and guidance to programs on many levels.

The Riding course work includes Western Riding, Dressage, Jumping, Showing (Western, Jumping, Dressage), and Riding Theory. Each of the riding courses are developed in multiple levels.

The Teaching course work and Training course work are also built upon multiple levels of instruction and training and students may earn Certificates upon completion. Additional course work in Barn Management and Horse and Barn Care are also offered.

Meredith Manor graduates will complete their programs after hundreds of hours of Instruction, Riding, Training, and presentation of written course work. From Horse Care, Barn Management, Show Secretary Duties, and the Development of Lesson Plans, Meredith Manor students are widely exposed and trained in many aspects of the equine business.

The school has eight barns and maintains about 140 horses. Many of the horses are sent to Meredith Manor from across the country to be trained and are returned upon completion of that training--to be replaced with new horses. There are multiple arenas (indoor), an additional classroom complex, and a Farrier Shop for Horseshoeing and Forge Classes.

One of the most impressive results of Meredith Manor is found on its Website under the Current Students and Alumni Page. Here are posted the current business websites of many Meredith Manor graduates, currently starting with alumni from 1968. These graduates are operating businesses across the nation and internationally.

Meredith Manor also has a

Facebook Page with over 20,000 followers.

Bethany College is located in Bethany, West Virginia, and offers three equine degree programs: B.S. with a Major in Equine Management a Minor in Equine Studies, and Certificate in Equine-Facilitated Therapy.

Course work includes: Introduction to Horse Management, Horse Production and Management Techniques, Equestrian Facility and Design and Operation, Equine Sales Preparation and Marketing, Equine Sports Medicine and Lameness, Equine Reproduction, Riding (Hunt Seat, Western, Dressage, Driving, Eventing), Genetics, Microeconomics, Managerial Economics, Principles of Marketing, and Horseback Riding Instructor and Community Outreach.

The Certificate in Equine-Facilitated Therapy is open only to students majoring in Social Work and provides for NAHRA Certification.

Bethany also offers a competitive Equestrian Team competing in Hunt Seat, Dressage, and Western. The Team is based at Pegasus Farm Equestrian Center located in Wheeling, West Virginia.

West Virginia University is located in Morgantown, West Virginia, and offers a Minor in Equine Management.

Course work includes: Introduction to Equine Care and Use, Advanced Horse Management, Equine Exercise Physiology, Introduction to Therapeutic Riding, Stable Management and Design, Equestrian Technology, and equine Hoof and Limb.

The University also offers a competitive Horse Judging Team and a competitive Equestrian Team. The Team competes in Hunt Seat and Western. The Western Team is based at Green Meadow Stables in Morgantown, West Virginia. The English Team is based in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, at Lazy J Stables.

The University is also a land grant university and is base for the USDA Extension Program and 4-H. The current programs are not extensive in nature with regard to horses. However, there is a current restructuring of the website with some materials removed (August, 2011).

Potomac State College (a division of West Virginia University) is located in Keyser, West Virginia, and offers an A.A.S. in Equine Production and Management.

Course work includes: Microcomputer Applications in Agricultural Education, Introduction to Equine Science, Equine Safety and Behavior, Riding Basics, Introduction to Horsemanship and Training, Agribusiness Accounting, Agribusiness Management, and Equine Facilities and Stable Management.

Potomac State also offers an Equestrian Club.


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