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Why This Website Exists: We all know people, including ourselves who want to be in the horse business. This want is something more than just wanting to operate your own business. We are different from people who research directories or magazines looking for a business franchise to purchase. We are different because of the Horse--what we want to be and to do is tied to the Horse. It is, in fact, the Horse that makes us dream and come back to that dream over and over again. It is the feeling you get every time you travel a two-lane road and see horses in the fields. It is the smell you get at the barn. And, it is your childhood. Our sadness has been that we are not living that dream.

Most all of us, for reasons beyond numbers, have seen our lives move in different directions as we made our way in the world. We lead our lives and have our work and we don’t despise either. We just want more and that dream of owning a horse business never completely leaves.

Why don’t we have the horse business we want? Why don’t we pursue our dreams? There are at least two reasons: One, we don’t have the money or see how we can ever get the money to do it. Two, and equally important, just exactly how would we do it? What are the steps we would take to achieve this dream? Hopefully, here you will learn, finally, what to do. You have the choice. You can keep your dream and wonder what might have been. Or, you can chase your dream and love the ride.

Our mission here is not fanciful It is about real steps, real businesses, really making a living, and really being in the horse business. It is about first steps and baby steps. It is about vision, planning, and achieving goals. There are many “start-up” business websites and, of these, a few offer advice on starting a horse business. Many of these sites are very generalized and superficial in nature. There are some more specialized sites that are available for a fee and they mostly cover the operation of a horse stable (which is, by the way, what most of us want). Start Your Horse exists to provide practical advice down to the basic how-to of each step even including the phone number of the place to call for help.

Lots of the advice we encounter about creating a business plan and applying for an SBA Loan (with no track record in the business) or, using our savings (what savings?) really doesn’t get us much further down the road. Start Your Horse wants to approach your business planning in a different manner. Instead of focusing on the ultimate goal, we need to build several streams of incomes from horse businesses that we can actually afford to start. These businesses will Spin Up to the business we ultimately want without creating the burdensome debt structure.

Here, you will find ideas, suggestions, resources, and tools that are designed to achieve your goals and dreams in a real and practical way. There are two interesting findings in approaching your horse business in this manner: First, each of these businesses is full and complete by themselves and people earn a living from the operation of these businesses. Second, the horse industry is so inter-connected that even if you had you stable in operation now, you would find yourself involved in some fashion with all these businesses. Stop dreaming and explore your options. You can get into the horse business and the deeper and more involved you become, the more successful you will be. Follow these steps and your creative juices will take over and guide you where you need to be. After all, if you love horses, if horses are your dream, then live your dream and love your life.

It’s unfortunate you weren’t born rich and that you have to work in your life; what would be really bad would be working at something you don’t like doing--E.W.T.

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