Texas A&M University

is located (Flagship Campus) in College Station, Texas, and offers a professional Doctoral degree (DVM) through its College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences and a B.S. in Animal Science (Equine Emphasis) as well as Master's and Doctoral Animal Science Programs.

The A&M College of Veterinary Medicine offers comprehensive equine clinical services through the Large Animal Clinical Services Center. A&M provides Anesthesiolgy, Surgery, Internal Medicine, Imaging and Radiology, Dental, Rehabilitation, Lameness, Oncology, Orthopaedics, Critical Care and Emergency Field Services. A&M also provides Minimally Invasive Surgery Procedures through the use of small cameras.

The B.S. Equine Emphasis course work includes: Introductory Equine Care and Use, Equine Behavior and Training, Equestrian Technology (Fundamentals of English, Dressage, and Western Riding with Labs), Equine Selection and Judging, and Equine Production and Management (Anatomy, Breeding, Foaling, Nutrition).

As a land grant university, Texas A&M is a base center for the USDA Extension 4-H Program. The A&M Extension Program is well-oragnized and extensive and has served as a model development for several other states. The A&M Extension Program (Texas Agri-Life) conducts ongoing research in several areas inluding

Equine Science Research into Equine Nutrition, Exercise Physiology, and Reproductive Physiology. The A&M Extension Program and Depart of Animal Science conduct several important

Equine Workshops including Horsemanship Schools Program, Horse Judging, Back-to-Basics Horse Care, Equine Hoof Care and Shoeing, Equine Disease, Neo-Natal, and Disaster Management Conferences, Equine Reproductive Management, Horse Judging Team Coaches Workshop, Mare/Foal Workshop, and a Youth Horse Judging Camp. See also the Texas 4-H Page for other Youth Equine Programs in Texas.

Texas A&M also has several competitive teams. The competitive

Horse Judging Team Rodeo Club and Team and also offers a competitive Equestrian Team and Polo Team. The Equestrian Team competes in Hunt Seat, Western, and Reining and is based at the 3,000 seat

Brazos Center Expo Complex with a 130 x 242 Arena Floor. The Polo Team has won ten National Championships. Additional A&M Equine facilities include the 200 x 350 Freeman Arena, a 120-acre Horse Center including barns and breeding facilities for A&M's 100-count Quarter Horse herd.

Even with its history and current programs, Texas A&M is planning major expansions tot he current Equine Academic and Outreach Programs as well as extending Research Programs and construction new Equine Facilities. This expansion includes both the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biological Sciences and the Department of Agriculure. See the Equine Initiative Brochure.

Sul Ross University is located in Alpine, Texas, and offers a B.S. and M.S. in Animal Science with an Equine Concentration, an A.A.S. in Farrier Technology, and a Certificate in Farrier Technology.

Course work in the B.S. Equine Concentration Program includes: Equine Stable Management I-II, Equine Anatomy and Physiology, Horsemanship, Equine Behavior Modification, Equine Business Management, Equine Nutrition and Health, Horse Production and Management, Equine Reproduction Management, Equine Exercise Physiology, and an Inquiry in Equine Science.

Course work in the Farrier Program includes: Basic and Advanced Farrier Training, Blacksmithing, Equine Veterinary Footcare (from the Veterinary Technology Program), Farrier Business Applications and Ethics, and Corrective Horseshoeing.

Sul Ross University is where college rodeo began with its first organizational meeting in 1949. The Sul Ross University

Rodeo Team has won eight (8) national titles and has thrity-three (33) Final's Top Ten finishes. The Rodeo Team has produced several All-Around Cowboys and Cowgirls.

West Texas A&M University is part of the Texas A&M System and is located in Canyon, Texas, and offers a B.S. in Agribusiness with a Major in Equine Industry and Business.

Course work includes: Fundamentals of Agricultural Economics, Priciples of Animal Science, Genetics, Farm and Ranch Management, Business Law, Computer Applications in Agriculture, Equine Business Management, Equine Care and Management, Equine Science and Production, Equine Behavior Modification, English and Western Equitation, Principles of Accounting I-II, and Equine Business Planning and Management. West Texas also offers a combined MBA/Agriculture degree (available online).

West Texas A&M also offers a competitive Women's Equestrian Team (Hunt Seat and Western). The University also offers a highly successful Horse Judging Team (33 National Titles).

The West Texas Horse Center sits on 80 acres, has a 105 x 200 Indoor Arena, outside arenas, stables fifty (50) Hunter and Western horses.

Tarleton State University is located in Stephenville, Texas, and offers a B.S. in Animal Science, Animal Industries, or Animal Production with an Equine Emphasis.

Course work includes: Introduction to Horse Production, Horse Psychology and Training, Equine Behavior Modification, Equine Evaluation, Principles of Equine Reproduction, Rodeo Production and Skills, Rodeo Techniques, Horse Nutrition, Equine Assisted Therapy, Horse Enterprise Management, Horse Sale Management, Stock Horse Equitation, and Internship Study.

Tarleston State is a major, competitive school in Collegiate Rodeo. The Tarleton Rodeo Team is co-ed and approximately 100 memebers strong. Tarleton has won six National Championships and has produced 19 Individual Champions.

The Tarleston State Equine Center contains classrooms, an Indoor Arena, Outdoor Arenas and practive areas, school horses, and a breeding barn.

Stephenville has a long Western history and much tradition. The historic Goodnight-Loving Trail ran through the cross-timbers area andthe first sanctioned Cutting Horse Competition was held in nearby Dublin, Texas. More recently, Cinton Anderson has based his Downunder Horsemanship Program in Stephenville, Texas.

Texas Tech University is located in Lubbock, Texas, and offers a B.S. in Animal Science. Students may earn an additional Certificate in Equine Science with a Concentration in one of four (4) Options: Equine Science, Equine Industry, Equine-Assisted Therapy, or a General Equine Option.

Course work includes: Selection and Evaluation of Horses, Introductory Horse Nutrition, Introductory Horse Management, Management and Training of Horses, Principles of Hippotherapy, Principles of Equine Sales Preparation and Marketing, Horsemanship I (General Horsemanship), Horsemanship II (Ranch Horse Techniques), Advanced Therapeutic Riding, Horse prodcution (Anatomy, Breeding, and Management), and Practical Internships.

Texas Tech offers a competitive Hunt Seat and Western

Equestrian Team; Ranch Horse Team, Rodeo Team, and Polo Club.

Texas Tech Facilities inlude an Equestrian Center an Indoor Arena, three outdoor arenas, practice areas, a 40 x 300 roping/alley, and a 20-stall barn. Texas Tech also has the Dub Parks Memorial Arena offering additional arenas, a second roping alley, and another 15-stall barn.

Stephen F. Austin University is located in Nacodoches, Texas, and offers a B.S. in Animal Science with an Equine Emphasis.

Course work includes: Introduction to Animal Science, Basic Horsemanship, Horse Production (Lecture and Lab), Equitation, Animal Nutrition, Artificial Insemination, Training Performance Horses (Western), Training Performance Horses (English), Equine Production and Management, and Equine Law Studies.

The SFA Equine Center has a 120 x 300 Covered Arena and 23 Stalls taht may be used by students for boarding horses.

North Central Texas College is located in Gainesville, Texas, and offers four (4) equine Programs: A.A.S. in Equine Science, A.A.S. in Equine Business Management, Certificate in Equine Breeding Farm Management, and a Certificate in Equine Management and Training.

Course work includes: Horse Evaluation I-II, Equine Business Management, Pasture Management, Equine Science I-II, Equine Behavior and Training I-II, Agricultural Spanish, Equine Reproduction, Agricultural Mechanics, Equine Enterprise Management, Horsemanship I, English Equitation I-II, Reining, Fundamentals of Riding Instruction, Principles of Fitting and Grooming, and Equine Special Topics I-III (Lecture and Lab).

The College offers a competitive Ranch Horse Team, Hunt Seat and Western Equestrian Team and Horse Judging Team.

Sam Houston State University is located in Huntsville, Texas, and offers a B.S. in Animal Science/Agriculture with either an Equine Emphasis or an Equine Minor.

Course work includes: Animal Science, Evaluation and Selection of Horses, Basic Horsemanship, Equine Science, Equine Reproduction, Equitation, Equine Nutrition, and Equine Behavior and Training.

The University also has a competitive Horse Judging Team, Ranch Horse Team and

Weatherford College is located in Weatherford, Texas, and offers an A.A.S. in Equine Production and Management and a Certificate in Equine Production and Management.

Course work includes: Equine Science I-II, Equine Behavior and Training, Horse Evaluation I-II, Equine Enterprise Management, Equine Business Management, Equine Reproduction, Western Horsemanship, Computer Applications, and an Equine Internship.

The College offers a Western Stock Club and an intercollegiatly competitive Rodeo Team.

Students may undertake an A.S. in Agriculture and enter a Transfer program with Tarleton State University.

Weatherford College provides a helpful Expanded Syllabus for its Agriculture and Equine Courses. The College is also a Tech prep College allowing qualifying High School Students to earn up to 12 hours of course credit.

Odessa College is located in Odessa, Texas, and offers an A.S. in Agriculture with an Equine Emphasis.

Course work includes: Animal Science, Computers in Agriculture, Agricultural Economics, Livestock EvaluationI and II (with empahsis on horses), Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Horsemanship, and Game Skills for Equestrian Sports and Recreation (Polo, Cutting, Reining, Western Pleasure, Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Working Cow Horse, Dressage, and Jumping).

Odessa College has a very competitive Rodeo Team. The Rodeo Team has produced The Women's Rodeo Team has produced five (5) CNFR Qualifiers and 12 Professionals. The Men's Rodeo Team has 13 Regional Events, 11 National Events, a National Team Championship, and over 50 Professionals.

The College has a very well-equipped Agricultural, Equine and Rodeo Facility based upon a 120 Acre ranch donated to the College (The Graham Center).

Clarendon College is located in Clarendon, Texas, and offers an A.S. in Agriculture with an Equine Science Emphasis.

Course work includes: Selection and Evaluation of Horses, Introduction to Agricultural Economics, Introduction to Animal Science, Equine Industry and Care of Horses, Equine Sales Preparation and Marketing, Microcomputer Applications, and Equine Behavior Modification.

The College offers a Rodeo Team, Horse Judging Team, and Ranch Horse Team. The Facilities include Indoor and Outdoor Arenas with 69 covered paddocks and 12 box stalls.

Central Texas College is located in Killeen, Texas, and offers an A.A.S. in Equine Management.

Course work includes: Animal Science, Agricultural Economics, Horsemanship I-II, Equine Science I-II, Principles of Feed and Feeding, Range Management, Wildlife Conservation Management, Animal Health, Computers in Agricluture, and an Equine Internship.

McLennan Community College is located in Waco, Texas. The College does not offer an equine degree program. Howevever, the Continuing Education Department of the College offers a number of equine short courses of value. These are currently non-credit courses.

Continuing Education courses include: Introduction to Horse Care (Horses 101), Equine First Aid, Dressage Clinic, CHA Riding Instructor Certification (Certified Horsemanship Association), Barn Apprentice Program and others. The courses vary year-round and those interested should check with the Continuing Education Department.

The College owns a 200-acre horse facility, Highlander Ranch.

Alvin Community College is located in Alvin, Texas. The College does not offer an equine degree program, but does offer a series of equine education classes. The classes aere held at varying locations, including local stables, and the topics include: Psychology of the Horse, Dental Needs of the Horse, Use of Mobile Veterinarians, Identifying Lameness, Fundamentals of Horse Care, Emergency Care of the Horse, Emergency Management of Colic, Fundamentals of Nutrition, and Selling and Exporting Your Horse Overseas. The are also fundamental performance training and evaluation sessions available and students may bring their own horses.

Cedar Valley College is located in Lancaster, Texas. The College does not have an equine degree program, but does offer specialized training through its Veterinary Technology Department. The College offers a traditiona A.A.S in Veterinary Technology and additionally offers:

Certificate in Large Animal Veterinary Assisting: The course work in this program requires: Introduction to Veterinary Terminology, Introduction to Veterinary Technology, Large Animal Assisting Techniques, Equine Clinical Management, and Equine Reproduction.

Online Educations: Students may earn an A.A.S. in Veterinary Technology and a Veterinary Assistant Certificate. Some on-site attendance will be required.

Earn While You Learn: Cedar Valley also offers a Veterinary Receptionist's Certificate. Students will continue basic Veterinary Hospital courses and undertake courses in: Front Office Skills, Veterinary Practice Management, Computer Applications, Client Interactions, Telephone Techniques, Dealing with Euthanasia and Death, Personnel Issues, Ordering and Supply Management, and Financial Accountability.


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