Johnson and Wales University

is located in Providence, Rhode Island, and offers a B.S. in Equine Business Management and a B.S. in Equine Busienss Management/Riding (requiring nine riding classes focusing on jumping and dressage and permitting and Instructor/Training Concentration).

Course work includes: Equine Management Lab I-III, Equine Diseases, Equine Nutrition, Sport Horse Evaluation and Judging, Horse Show Management, Equine Reproduction and Genetics, Equine Anatomy and Lameness, Principles of Marketing, Business Accounting, and the legal Environment of Business.

Riding course work includes: Priciples of Riding I-VI, Dressage and Jumpring I-III, Advanced Riding and Training I-III, and Methods of Riding Instruction I-II.

Internships are also available as well as study abroad options. The equine study abroad program is designed for varying locations and is currently scheduled for the Westphalian Riding School in Muenster, Germany.

Facilities include a 70 x 170 mirrored, indoor riding arena, outside arenas, and a 32-stall barn.

Johnson and Wales also offers competitive Dresaage and equestrian (Hunt Seat) Teams.

Brown University is located in Providence, Rhode Island. The University does not offer an equine degree, but does offer a competitive Hunt Seat Equestrian Team. The Equestrian Team is in Warren, Rhode Island, at Windswept Farm.

Roger Williams University is located in Bristol, Rhode Island. The University does not offer an equine degree program, but does offer a competitive Equestrian Team. The Equestrian Team is based (as is Brown University) at Windswept Farm.


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