North Dakota State University

is located in Fargo, North Dakota, and offers three equine programs: B.S. (and Minor) in Equine Studies; for non-degree seeking students, the University offers a Certificate in Equine Studies; and the University also offers a Minor and Certificate in Therapeutic Hormsnhip.

The course work includes: Feeds and Feeding, Equine Management and Care Practicuum, Equine Anatomy and Physiology, Equine Nutrition, Range Management, Forage Production, Agricultural Management and Marketing, Colts in Training, Equine Evaluation, Basic Equitation and Horsemanship, Priciples of Therapeutic Horsemanship Instruction, First Aid and CPR, Educating Students with Severe Disabilities, and biomedical Aspects of Physical and Health Disabilities.

See the NDSU Equine Studies Page.

The NDSU Equine Complex has stalls for over 300 horses, is climate controlled, and has Indoor Arena.

As a land grant university, NDSU is base for the USDA Extension 4-H Program. The NDSU Collegiate 4-H Club and NDSU Extension 4-H Horse Program offer a Horse Bowl, educational amterials, several innovative summer Horse Camps aw well as Heroes at Home Camps for the young children of U.S. Military Personnel.

NDSU has competitive Horse Judging, Hunt Seat, Western, and Rodeo Teams. See the Teams' Page.

Dickinson State University is located in Dickinson, North Dakota, and the Department of Agriculture and Technical Studies offers a B.S. in Agricultural Studies with an Equine Emphasis Option; an A.S. in Agricultural Sales and Service with an Equine Management Option or an Equine Training Option; and a Minor in Equine Studies.

Course work includes: Agricultural Accounting and Finance, Equine Business Management, Equine Reproduction, Stallion Management, Basic and Advanced Colt Training, Equine Nutrition I-II, Equine Behavior, Groundwork and Safety, Equine Health and Diseases, Equine Training Theory I-II, Equine Marketing, Equine Facility Management, and Equine Training Techniques I-IV.

Dickinson also offers a competitive

Rodeo Team.

Sitting Bull College is located in Fort Yates, North Dakota. The College was founded by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe as a Tribal College (with Tribal Control) and is a land-grant college. A new campus is presently under construction.

The College offers a Certificate in Horsemanship. Course work includes: Introduction to Horsemanship, Basic Horsemanship Skills, Nutrition and Diseases, Anatomy and Conformation, Introduction to Veterinary Care and Management, and Horsemanship Business Management.

As a land-grant college, Sitting Bull College offers Continuing Education Programs (Extension) in: Colt Starting, Farrier, Roping, Cutting, and Rodeo Rough Stock.

Sitting Bull College also offers an intercollegiately competitive Rodeo Club.


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