It does not appear that the State of Nevada has an active equine degree program offered at the State's colleges or universities.


Survey was conducted by the University of Nevada, Reno in 2004. That Survey estimated there to be approximately 29,000 horses in the State of which nearly 67% were Quarter Horses and 3% were Bureau of Land Management Wild Mustangs.

Major Rodeos are held in Nevada, inluding the Reno Rodeo and the Silver State Rodeo in Elko, Nevada. The City of Las Vegas (being nearly seventy per cent of the State's population) is home to the South Point Arena and Equestrian Center. South Point has climate-controlled stalls for 1,200 horses, an arena that seats 4,500, and has a 125 x 250 Arena Show Floor. Additionally, there numerous farms and ranches with riding and breeding programs in Nevada, and plans for the Nevada Horse Park to be constructed in Reno, Nevada.

Much of this interest in equine events and teh quality of the existing and planned facilities is obviously related to and dependent upon the Tourism Industry to attract visitors to Las Vegas and Reno-Lake Tahoe. Nonetheless, these equine businesses will need the support of equine professionals who are well-trained. The University of Nevada-Reno cited budgetary constraints and the late 2000's economic downturn as factors ending its equine program and it has been widely reported that the economic downturn affected Nevada tourism. Whether an economic recovery can re-grow equine programs in nevada remains to be seen, but it appears there is interest and need.

Currently, the choices in equine programs in Nevada is very limited.

The University of Nevada, Reno is located in Reno, Nevada. It appears that the University made a decision to end its equine degree programs in 2008.

The University remains a land grant university with and Department of ASgriculture and does provide the USDA Extension 4-H Program.

Great Basin College is located in Elko, Nevada, and offers an A.S. in Agriculture with an Animal Science Emphasis. The course work is largely centered upon Animal Nutrition, Livestock Production, and Livestock Reproduction.

The College does offer course work in Intercollegiate Rodeo (largely for the Great Basin Rodeo Team) and Rudimentary Farrier.

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas has an equestrian Club that has, asone its goals, the formation of an Equestrian Team. The Club meets and practices at Talisman Farm, a Classical Dressage and Hunter/Jumper Facility.


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