The University of Missouri is located in Columbia, Missouri, and offers B.S. in Animal Science with an Equine Emphasis. The Equine Teaching Unit at the University's South Farm houses the Quarter Horse Breeding Program and courses are centered around this activity, including: Equine Breeding Management, Equine Marketing and Management plus standard equine Science health and Disease courses work is also included. The University has a 24-stall barn, large outdoor arena and smaller indoor arena. See the

Equine Science Page.

The University also offers a Minor in Equestrian Science. The 18-hour Equestrian Science Minor is provided on a limited basis and through a relationship with Stephens College, a four year college also located in Columbia, Missouri known for its excellent undergraduate equine program.

The University also has a College of Veterinary Medicine offering a professional Doctoral degree (DVM). The Vsterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital offers complete equine care facilities. See the Equine Clinic Homepage.

The University is a land grant college and houses the USDA Extension 4-H Program. The Extension Program at the University of Missouri publishes informative equine information, including a 232-Page Horse Facility Handbook. The University's Extension services also include the Missouri 4-H Program.

Stephens College is a private, four-year college located in Columbia, Missouri, and remains one of the few all-women's colleges in the United States. Stephens offers a well-regarded equestrian program and offers three (3) B.S. degrees plus a minor. The programs are: B.S. in Business Management; B.S. in Equestrian Education; and a B.S. in Equestrian Science (Pre-Veterinarian). There is also a 21-hour Equine Assisted Therapy Tarck that includes Psychology courses. A Minor is Equestrian Studies is also offered.

Course work includes Equine Management, Equine Event Planning, Stable Management, Equestrian Business Management, Anatomy, Equine Feeding, Methods of Teaching Horsemanship I, II, and III, Equine Veterinary Medicine, Equipment Usage and Tack Repair, and Stewarding and Judging.

Stephens fields competitive teams in Hunter/Jumper, Western, Saddleseat, Dressage, Driving, and Reining.

See the Stephens Equestrian Page.

William Woods University is located in Fulton, Missouri, and offers a B.S. in Equestrian Science, Equestrian Administration, and Equine General Studies. Equestrian Science and Equestrian Administration may also be taken as a Minor.

William Woods University is a "Ride and Learn" Equestrian Program. Students will ride either Dressage, Hunter/Jumper, Saddleseat, or Western.Equestrian Science students may concentrate on one of the four riding disciplines, but must complete riding coursework in two of the remaining three disciplines.

The coursework is extensive: See the Curriculum pages for B.S. in Equestrian Administration; Equestrian Science; and Equine General Studies.

William Woods offers competitive teams in Dressage, Horse Judging, Hunter/Jumper and Wetsern. See the Equestrian Teams' Page.

Missouri State University is located in Springfield, Missouri, and offers a Minor in Equine Studies through its Department of Agriculture. Course work includes Basic Horse Care, Evaluation and Appraisal of Performance Horses, Horse Management and Training, Riding for Instruction, Priciples of Horseshoeing, and Light Horse production.

In prior years, the Missouri State Horsemen's Association operated the Competitive Equestrian Team and Rodeo team. The Webpage indicates it is currently under construction (july, 2011)and the status is unclear.

North Central Community College is located in Trenton, Missouri, and offers an A.A.S. and a Certificate in Equine Management. Course work includes Light Horse Production, Horses and Horsemanship, Light Horse Training Principles and Advanced Light horse Training.

Truman State University is located in Kirksville, Missouri, and offers a Minor in Equine Studies. The course work includes: Equine Science, Equine Reproduction Practicuum, Horsemanship (I,II,III), and Horse Training Techniques.

The University has a long history with agriculture and owns a 400 acre farm with a herd of approximately 40 horses. The main stallion is Tanya's Playboy.

Truman State also fields a competitive Equestrian Team.

Metropolitan Community College Blue River is located in Independence, Missouri, and offers an online equine educational program through its Department of Continuing Education. The Equine Study Courses are completely online, fifteen (15) total, are non-credit. The courses include: Nutrition, Health and Disease Management, Reproduction, Stable Management, Sports Massage, and the Legal Aspects of Horse Management. Each course is currently $275.00 See the Equine Study Page Summary.


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