The University of Maryland is located in College Park, Maryland, and it offers a B.S. in Animal Science with an Equine Concentration. The University takes advantage of other University Departments and offers course work in Equine Management, Equine Law, Anatomy, Reproduction, Pasture Management, and Nutrition. The University also offers a Master's Degree and Ph.D in Animal Sciences with concentrations in Equine Nutrition. See the Equine Studies Concentration Page.

The University also operates the Institute for Applied Agriculture. The Institute is a 60 credit Certificate Program that offers additional Equine courses. Undergraduate Animal Science majors may also take these courses. Equine Course work includes Equine Behavior, Computer Applications, Equine Health Management, Equine Business Management and Internships. Completion of the Certificate in Agricultural Business Management-Equine permits the student to transfer into the Management Program or Animal Science Program. See the University of Maryland

Equine Studies Brochure. The University of Maryland and Virginia Polytechnic University (Virginia Tech) are partner land grant schools that have combined to form the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine that offers a professional Veterinary Degree (DVM) Program. The Program operates at multiple campuses in both states. Theteaching hospital services are covered more fully under the listings for Virginia.

The University has a barn with 10-stalls on campus and a further 17-stall barn at the nearby Equine Research Facility. As a land grant university, the University is base for the USDA Extension 4-H Program. The University offers a number of programs and equine educational materials. See the Extension Equine Education Page. The University also has a competitive Equestrian Team. The Team competes Walk/Trot to Open.

Harford Community College is located in Bel Air, Maryland, offers an A.A.S. in Equine Business Management. This is a cooperative program with the University of Maryland Institute of Applied Agriculture and transfer is permitted.

Course work includes Equine Health, Nutrition, Behavior, Business Management, and Small Business Seminar.

Cecil College is located in North East, Maryland, and it offers three equine programs: A.A.S. in Equine Studies; Certificate in Equine Studies; and a Certificate in Equine Studies-Management.

Course work includes Equine Anatomy, Health, Nutrition, Facilities Management, Business Management in the Horse Industry, and Equine Pathology (recognition of symptoms, diseases, injury). Cecil also offers another very useful course: Spanish Communication in the Equine Industry which is required for all three programs. See the Cecil College Equine Studies Page. The College also offers a 12-session, non-credit course, in Equine Science/Horse Sense that offers basic ownership and care instruction. The instruction is largely hands-on and includes Conformation, Hoof Care, First Aid, Feeding, Nutrition, Tack, and Diseases.

Towson University is located in Towson, Maryland. The University odes not offer an equine degree program, but it does offer an Equestrian Team The Team competes on an intercollegiate level.

Goucher College is located in Towson, Maryland. Goucher does not offer an equine degree, but does offer an Equestrian Team. The Team competes on an intercollegiate basis. The Equestrian Team at Goucher is well supported as the College has Indoor and Outdoor Rings plus a Hunter Course. The school horses include Thoroughbreds and Dutch Warmbloods and student boarding is available.

The equestrian Team also publishes an Equestrian Newsletter.

Hood College is located in Frederick, Maryland. The College does not offer an equine degree program, but does offer an Equestrian Team that comeptes on an intercollegiate basis. See the Hood Equestrian Team Facebook Page.

Washington College is located in Chestertown, Maryland. The College does not offer an equine degree program, but does have a competitive Equestrian Team. The Team competes in both Hunt Seat and Western.

St. Mary's College of Maryland is located in St. Mary's City, Maryland. The colelge does not offer an equine degree program, but does offer a competitive Hunt Seat Equestrian Team.


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