The University of Hawaii-Hilo. Currently offers a Certificate in Equine Science. The Hilo Campus has been working steadily in very recent years to expand its Equine Prrogram. The campus has been developing a a 110-acre site and plans include an Equestrian Center.

The University has just recently cleared and planted horse pastures, fenced the rodeo arena, and is constructing an equine surgery facility. See: Hilo Development Plan. As this equine program grows and develops, it offers many opportunities for horse-people in Hawaii to step-up their involvement. This will be the central site in Hawaii for equine education in the future and the many Hawaii Horse Associations can provide assistance and support in many ways.

A good, general source of information about Hawaii Horse Associations and shows is Malama-Lio, the Hawaii Horse Journal. The magazine offers links and contact information for Hawaii Quarter Horse, Dressage, Cutting Horse, High School Rodeo and others.


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