Colorado State University,

is located in Ft. Collins, Colorado. and it offers a wide-ranging equine program. The program includes the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biological Sciences which ranks among the very best within the United States. The Equine Reproduction Laboratory is a leading instituion of research and education about all types of equine reproduction. The Lab not only educates veterinarians, but also conducts short courses in education for horse owners; see the current brochure. In addition to the Equine reproduction laboratory, Colorado State also operates the Equine Orthopedic Research Center and Veterinary Teaching hospital that provides complete care in Equine Medicine and Surgery. Colorado State was the first land-grant university to offer a B.S. degree in Equine Science. The Equine Program offers courses in Nutrition, Diseases, Event Management, Foaling Management, Therapeutic Riding, Farrier Science, and Riding Instructor Training. See: Current 24-page undergraduate Equine Program Brochure. Colorado State also offers a Master of Science and Ph.D Degree in Equine Nutrition.

The program owns over 300 horses and offers 2 indoor arenas, one having seating for 2,000.

In addition to numerous Internships, students may participate in the English Riding Club; Versatility Ranch Horse Club; Rodeo Club; Horse Judging Team; and Polo Team. In addition to these Competitive Teams, the school also offers the Mountain Riders Horse Club that offers trail riding events for students.

As a land grant university, Colorado State University also operates the USDA Equine Extension and 4H Program.

Lamar Community College is located in Lamar, Colorado, and offers two degrees through its Horse Training and Management Program: An A.A.S in Horse Training and an A.A.S. in Equine Management.

The Horse Trainer A.A.S. requires students to green break three colts, perform advanced training on another, and complete an Internship. The Equine Management A.A.S. includes training and business courses combined with an Internship.

Lamar also offers three Certificate Programs: Starting Colts Certificate, Fundamental Horse Training Certificate, and Advanced Horsemanship Certificate.

Lamar's facilities include an indoor arena, 92 stalls, and over forty acres of land: See Lamar Community College Equine Complex. The College also has a Rodeo Team that competes in sanctioned events.

Colorado Northwestern Community College is located in Rangely, Colorado, and offers three A.A.S. Degrees: Equine Studies and Management, Equine Training and Management, and Farrier Science and Management. Course include English and Western Equitation, Computer Applications, Training, Reproduction, Anatomy, Management, and Farrier Science.

See the Department Program Page and Facebook Page. Colorado Northwestrn also fields a Rodeo Team.

Northeastern Junior College is located in Sterling, Colorado, and offers an A.A.S. in Equine Management and an A.G.S. in Equine Science. Courses include Equine Health, Nutrition, Ranch Management, Ranch Horse Versatility, and Stable Operations.

The College offers indoor and outdoor arenas and fields a competitive Rodeo Team.

The University of Colorado is located in Boulder, Colorado. The University does not offer degrees in equine science or studies, but does field a competitive Equestrian Club that offers English and Western Teams.


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